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Exceptional wear resistance Excellent hardness. Applicability to all common metals and alloys

By applying diamond coatings to your metal parts you can increase lifetime and minimize maintenance related downtime due to the replacement of high wear parts. In addition, any process parts enhanced by a wear resistant coating like Composite Diamond Coating® will produce more consistent product over an extended period of time.



For optimal machining results, professionals rely on tool coatings.
Tool coatings have the advantage that they increase tool life significantly - even with insufficient cooling or lubrication. In addition, tool coatings achieve a consistent increase in productivity in machining processes.

Coba Biomedical develops high performance tool coatings that are specially adjusted to the materials to be machined.
Coba Biomedical tool coatings convince with their excellent characteristics, not only in tool life and accuracy, but also in the worldwide unique tool tolerance, especially for diamond-coated tools for graphite processing.

Coba Biomedical offers several tool coatings for the machining of various materials: from droplet-free nanocrystalline diamond toll coatings from
BLACK-TEC, BLUE-TEC, BLUE-DUR and DURABLUE to HXC-Nano3, Tcx3, NHC-7000, Kx, DMC-X2, TiN as well as TiN-GOLD.

Fine Diamond

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Course Diamond

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X-Course Diamond

For drilling steel <55 HRC.

Coating technology: PVD
Micro hardness: 3300 HV0.05 Coating material: TiAlN
Coating thickness: Diameter-related Max. operating temperature: 900°C

Course Diamond

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